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Dirty Blinds? Make them shine with Delta Shine-A-Blind

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 The easy, cost-effective way to eliminate dust, dirt, germs and grime from your blinds.


Traditional blind cleaning, such as dusting blinds, can actually make your blinds dirtier and shorten the blinds life span. Hand cleaning blinds can scratch and pit your blinds, and smear dirt from side to side, which builds static electricity and attracts more dirt. Not to mention, it’s hard work. Delta Shine-A-Blind employs a nonabrasive blind cleaning method known as ultrasonic blind cleaning. This revolutionary cavitation system saves you both time and money, and leaves your blinds as clean as when they were new.

Why are clean blinds important?

Blinds collect more dust, grime, smoke particles, fingerprints and bacteria than most people can imagine, or probably would care to imagine. Ultrasonic blind cleaning thoroughly and gently removes all dirt and contaminants, leaving your blinds clean and looking like new.  Improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) today!

The Shine-A-Blind Advantage

  • We pickup blinds and deliver at your convenience.  Save money and bring them to our shop to be cleaned or repaired- drop off appointment required. 


  • Three services to choose from:

            1- Delta takes down, cleans and rehangs

            2- Customer removes - Delta pickups, cleans & delivers- Customer rehangs.

            3- Customer removes & delivers to Delta - Delta cleans -Customer picks them up and rehangs


  • Reasonable rates — Call us today for a no obligation drapery cleaning quote, no obligation blind cleaning quote.
  • Guaranteed results — Ask about our money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied
  • Cleans blinds like new — No other blind cleaning process will leave your blinds as clean and looking like new as Delta Shine-A-Blind’s ultrasonic blind cleaning process.


We work with hundreds of Cleveland Ohio area offices, restaurants, home owners, hospitals, medical facilities, schools and more, ensuring that they have the world’s cleanest 

Call for information.



Contact Greg Peterson of Delta Shine-A-Blind by email at or by phone at 216-939-8741 for a quote for window cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and/or blind cleaning - no obligation.

Delta Shine-A-Blind

800 West Bagley Rd.

Berea, Ohio 44017

Phone: (216) 939-8741
Fax: (216) 939-5260

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